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Youth Piano Competition (17 and under)

The Steinway Youth Piano Competition will commence in May 2016. The winner of the Thailand competion (National Round) will qualify to compete at the Asian-Pacific Steinway International Youth Piano Competition (Regional Round) in Malaysia in July 2016. The winner of Asian-Pacific competition will be invited to perform in the long-standing and prestigious Steinway Festival in Hamburg in September 2016.


The Youth Piano Competition is open to pianists of Thai nationalities aged 17 or below (i.e. born on or after 1 January 1999) who are resident in Thailand. The participating pianists should be considered as non-professional (not playing for fees, signed to an agent or management).

Winners from past Steinway Youth Piano Competitions are not eligible to participate. However, past contestants and finalists are eligible to participate.


  1. SUBMIT APPLICATION: 1 December 2015 - 15 April (Click here to apply)
  2. FIRST ROUND: 1 May 2016 at Steinway Showroom (Robinson Piano)
    All contestants will be invited to perform for the adjudicators in the First Round. Three finalists will be selected to compete in the Final Round.
  3. FINAL ROUND: 8 May 2016, 7.30pm at Chadra Ballroom, Siam Kempinski Bangkok
    The three finalists will compete for the opportunity to represent Thailand in the Regional Round in Malaysia in July 2016.


  1. FIRST ROUND: Contestants must present two (2) contrasting selections totaling a playing time not more than 15 minutes. One of the two pieces must be a first movement of a sonata (see 3.)

  2. FINAL ROUND: Contestants must present three (3) contrasting selections totaling a playing time not more than 20 mintues. One of the three pieces must be a first movement of a sonata (see 3.). Contestants may perform the same pieces as the First Round.

  3. Repertoire must include the first movement of a Sonata by either Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Clementi or Schubert.

  4. Contestants must perform from memory.

  5. All pertinent program details (Composer, Work, Key, Op., No., Hob., K. designations) for each movement of the work intended for performance must be listed.

  6. Concerti or transcriptions are not permitted.

  7. Participants are required to perform the exact same repertoire for further stages of the competition.


  1. Applicants are asked to adhere strictly to the time limits. To ensure fairness and impartially, an official audition committee member will serve as a "timer" and will stop a participant should he/she exceeds the time limits.
  2. The Thailand Steinway Youth Piano Competition winner must perform the programme without changes and in its entirety at the Regional Finals. Any applicants failing to perform the same (i.e. identical) programme for both stages will be automatically disqualified.
  3. There will be no joint winners and only one winner will be selected to take part in the Regional Final in Malaysia.
  4. The Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to record or video the performance of contestants and winners and to organize all performances related to the competition. No performance fees or royalties will be paid to the contestants.
  5. The non-refundable fee will have to be paid on application prior to the deadline.
  6. The winner must be able to travel to Regional Final in Malaysia in July 2016 and potentially to Hamburg in September 2016.
  7. Eligible candidate for the Youth Piano Competition is also eligible to compete in the Piano Concerto Competiion. The first round will be judged together.
  8. Steinway & Sons reserves the right to amend and determine the Terms and Conditions of this Regulation.


First Place
Qualify for Final Round of the Asian-Pacific Steinway International Youth Piano Competition in Malaysia
Winner Recital
Return flight and accommodation to Malaysia for the Regional Finals Competition

Second Place
20,000 Baht cahs prize
Perform in Winner Recital

Third Place
10,000 Baht cahs prize
Perform in Winner Recital

Best Under 14 Prize
8,000 Baht cash prize
Perform in Winner Recital


EARLY APPLICATION (1 December 2015 - 29 February 2016): 3,500 Baht
STANDARD FEE (1 March 2016 - 30 April 2016): 4,000 Baht